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2014 Summer Archaeological Field School

In 2014 the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation will conduct its 30th annual archaeological field school in conjunction with the College of William & Mary. Two five-week sessions will focus on locating evidence for Williamsburg’s Bray School, a school for enslaved children operating in the 1760s. For more about the Bray School see this article from the Daily Press and this article from William & Mary. The site is located behind the College of William & Mary’s Brown Hall, at the corner of Boundary and Prince George Streets.

Dates for the two summer sessions are:

Session 1: May 27–June 27, 2014
Session 2: June 30–August 1, 2014

Beginning in the spring, participants can register for the program (ANTH 225) through the College of William & Mary (

Students registered in the 2014 Archaeological Field School will learn excavation techniques and recording, as well as the identification of common eighteenth-century artifacts. They will be introduced to archaeology’s specialties, including Conservation, Public Archaeology, and Zooarchaeology, through lectures and required reading.

As in past years, the upcoming excavation will focus on public interpretation. Students interact with visitors on a daily basis, providing site background as well as interpretation of the excavation currently underway. Participants can register for the program through the College of William & Mary ( For additional program details, please contact Mark Kostro (

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