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These reports were created to summarize excavation and research projects undertaken by members of the Department of Architectural and Archaeological Research, and are copyrighted by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. They are free for download here on the site, and can be reproduced for academic or non-commercial use.

The reports are given in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). When you click on the Download button on the download page, they will open in a separate window. You may save, print, or simply read the document at this point.

As part of an on-going effort by the Foundation to complete digitization of all research work, these reports are being gradually converted into XML (Extensible Markup Language) and will be available for full-text searching in Colonial Wiliamsburg’s Digital Library.

Major Reports Available for Download

Bates Site

The Bates Site: Investigation of a Quaker Merchant. 1990.

Block 9 in the 18th Century

Block 9 in the Eighteenth Century: The Social and Architectural Context of the Shields Tavern Property. 1986.

Brush-Everard Site

Archaeological Investigations at the Brush-Everard Site Williamsburg, Virginia. 1999.

Bruton Heights Report

"Upon the Palisado" and Other Stories of Place from Bruton Heights. 1998.

Bush Hill House

The Architectural and Archaeological Analysis of Bush Hill, the Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados. 2001.

City Map Project

Williamsburg Cultural Resources Map Project: City of Williamsburg. 1996.

Common People

Common People and Their Material World: Free Men and Women in the Chesapeake, 1700-1830. 1995.

Ethnicity and Identity Formation

Historical Archaeology, Identity Formation, and the Interpretation of Ethnicity. 1999.

Hampton University

Hampton University Archaeological Project. 1989.

James Anderson Outbuildings

Anderson's Blacksmith Shop: A Case for the Tinsmith among the Anvils. 2002.

Locust Grove Testing

Phase II Archaeological Investigation of the Locust Grove Tract, Carter’s Grove Plantation. 1992.

Nassau Street Ordinary

Nassau Street Site Summer 1999 Excavations. 2000.

Old Elliot School

Archaeology of the Old Elliot School. 2001.

Peyton Randolph

A View from the Top: Archaeological Investigations of Peyton Randolph’s Urban Plantation. 1988.

Port Anne Phase III

Archaeology at Port Anne: A Report on Site CL7, An Early 17th-Century Colonial Site. 1987.

Research Prospectus

Department of Archaeological Research: Research Summaries and Propsectus, 2002. 2002.

Resource Protection Plan

Toward a Resource Protection Process: James City County, York County, City of Poquoson, City of Williamsburg. 1985.

Resource Protection Planning Revisited

Resource Protection Planning Revisited: James City County, York County, and City of Williamsburg. 1991.

Rich Neck Descriptive Report

Rich Neck Plantation (44WB52): Description of the Features. 2003.

Rich Neck Interim Report

Interim Report: The Archaeology of Rich Neck Plantation. 1999.

Rich Neck Slave Quarter

An Archaeological Study of the Rich Neck Slave Quarter and Enslaved Domestic Life. 2004.

Rich Neck Small Cellar

Archaeological Excavation of a Small Cellar on Rich Neck Plantation. 1999.

Shields Tavern

Archaeological Investigations of the Shields Tavern Site. 1990.

Site CG-8 (44JC647)

Archaeology of a Seventeenth-Century Houselot at Martin's Hundred, Virginia. 2004.

Tazewell Hall

Archaeological Excavations on the Tazewell Hall Property. 1986.