Coffeehouse Conversations - A Recap

In honor of the Coffeehouse opening, we wanted to repost links to all of the Coffeehouse Conversations videos. As you may recall, these short videos document a broad-range of parts of the project, and feature many of our staff members who have worked on the project. Many thanks to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Division of Productions, Publications, and Learning Ventures, who produced all of these videos.

All of the videos require Adobe Flash® to view. If you don't have Adobe Flash installed, you can download a free version from Adobe's website.


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John Montague's Gravatar

Enjoyed them all.
To everyone...Got to see the finished coffeehouse this weekend. Seeing is believing and seeing is impressive. The ceiling heights really gave the rooms a much bigger feel than I expected. We had twenty folks on our tour and it didn't seem that crowded. No roped off areas, very much a sensory perception kind of tour. Loved it.
Attention to detail is fantastic.
Great work!

Posted By John Montague | 11/23/09 12:57 AM