The Webcam Retires

We wanted to let everyone know that the Coffeehouse webcam is being taken down today. With the overall culmination of the project, and successful opening of the building, the camera has fulfilled its purpose. The webcam will be getting some well deserved rest & relaxation, as we try to repair a few minor dings it picked up during a recent storm.

We also wanted to express our sincere appreciation for all of you who have paid such close attention to the webcam throughout the reconstruction. It has been a very successful aspect of the project, and we're very thankful for the enthusiasm and attention that it helped to develop. Ultimately, we have a number of ideas as to where the camera might end up next - but we'll have to see how things work themselves out.

Although the camera may be down, rest assured that the remainder of the Coffeehouse blog will be up and running, at least until the end of the year. We're planning to post more information about the Coffeehouse now that it is up and running, as well as some interior (and Holiday) photos. So, please don't go anywhere.

And thanks again for watching!


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Jim B's Gravatar


Thanks for having the webcam in the first place. It kept me entertained while I was laid off. Have you thought about an event cam set up for the various events such as Under the Redcoat?

Thank you for your hard work.

Jim B.

Posted By Jim B | 11/24/09 1:52 PM
Stuart Hafele's Gravatar

All the Web Cams are great! How about using the one retired from the coffeehouse to look up Palace Green towards the Governors Palace? Thanks

Posted By Stuart Hafele | 11/24/09 4:35 PM
Rick Brouse's Gravatar

I agree with Jim (although I know web cams are not cheap). It would be great to see more on the site (the capital perhaps). It is such a joy to take a "QUICK TRIP" to CW without even leaving my chair!

Posted By Rick Brouse | 11/24/09 4:48 PM
Clyde N.'s Gravatar

What a great accomplishment. I happened onto the webcam when it was first put into operation and have enjoyed every day of its updates. This silent sentinel should be moved about to promote the beauty of Colonial Williamsburg.

Posted By Clyde N. | 11/28/09 12:10 PM
Roger W.'s Gravatar

I have watched your video posting of all the steps taken during the construction process of the Coffehouse. Will there be a DVD made available to the public of these archives? Thanks for making this event most enjoyable

Posted By Roger W. | 12/12/09 12:43 PM
Joshua Muse's Gravatar

I think all of your webcam ideas are excellent. We're not sure where it will head next, but there are many options under consideration. First, though, we'll probably try to take care of the scratches it took in a fall during a storm.

As for the Coffeehouse videos, I'm not sure that there is a plan to release the collection as a DVD, but I will let you know if I hear otherwise.

And thanks again for all your interest and kind words.

Posted By Joshua Muse | 12/14/09 11:41 AM
Laura D.'s Gravatar

I also watched the rebuilding on a daily basis and enjoyed it. All the webcams are great. Keep up the good work!

Posted By Laura D. | 1/17/10 5:08 PM
Ron's Gravatar

I really enjoy all of the webcams and particularly enjoyed keeping up with the coffee house during its reconstruction. We don't get to Williamsburg from Georgia as often as I would like and the webcams are great!

Posted By Ron | 2/10/10 8:58 PM