The finished interior


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John Montague's Gravatar

Thanks again for the great photos.

Posted By John Montague | 12/28/09 11:43 PM
J Tressel's Gravatar

Josh, et al. Thanks for an entertaining an educational year (or so) with the coffeehouse reconstruction. I visited in September and look forward to seeing the completely finished version.

Posted By J Tressel | 1/13/10 12:58 PM
Joshua Muse's Gravatar

Thank you both for the kind words, as well as for your interest in the project. It was the enthusiastic participation of folks that really made the website what it was - it certainly added greatly to my own enjoyment and satisfaction from working on it.

And I may be biased, but I think you'll like the Coffeehouse even better in person (and complete).

Take care,

Posted By Joshua Muse | 1/13/10 1:31 PM
Custom doors's Gravatar

Thanks for interesting photos, your coffee house is looking very nice...

Posted By Custom doors | 6/9/10 4:11 AM