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Virginia Gazette

One of the Library's most important digital collections is the Virginia Gazette,  published weekly in Williamsburg, 1736-1780;  the news covered all Virginia and included some information for other colonies, Scotland, England etc.  Not all the issues survived, and some have surfaced since they were first reproduced on microfilm in the mid-twentieth century that is the basis for the digital version. 

The earliest Virginia Gazette was printed successively by William Parks, William Hunter, Joseph Royle, Alexander Purdie, Purdie & John Dixon, Dixon & William Hunter Jr., and Dixon & Thomas Nicolson, from August 6(?), 1736, through April 8, 1780, when the paper was moved to Richmond. This is referred to below as “Virginia Gazette 1.” On May 16, 1766, William Rind established a competing paper under the same title which was printed successively by Rind, Clementina Rind (his widow), and John Pinkney, until February 3, 1778 (referred to as “Virginia Gazette 2.”) A third Virginia Gazette was inaugurated by Alexander Purdie on February 3, 1775. After Purdie's death, the paper was printed by John Clarkson & Augustine Davis until December 9, 1780, the last issue located.

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