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  Printers Dates of Publication
Virginia Gazette 1  
   William Parks1736-1750
  William Hunter1751-1761
  Joseph Royle1761-1765
  Alexander Purdie,
followed by Purdie and John Dixon
  John Dixon and William Hunter 1775-1778
  John Dixon and Thomas Nicolson 1779-1780
Virginia Gazette 2  
  William Rind1766-1773
  Clemintina Rind1773-1774
  John Pinkney1774-1776
Virginia Gazette 3  
  Alexander Purdie1775-1779
  John Clarkson and Augustine Davis1779-1780

The earliest Virginia Gazette was printed successively by William Parks, William Hunter, Joseph Royle, Alexander Purdie, Purdie & John Dixon, Dixon & Hunter, and Dixon & Thomas Nicolson, from August 6(?), 1736, through April 8, 1780, when the paper was moved to Richmond. On May 16, 1766, William Rind established a competing paper under the same title which was printed successively by Rind, Clementina Rind (his widow), and John Pinkney, until February 3, 1778. A third Virginia Gazette was inaugurated by Alexander Purdie on February 3, 1775. After Purdie's death, the paper was printed by John Clarkson & Augustine Davis until December 9, 1780, the last issue located.

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