N. D. - Extract from Mr. Redhead Yorke's weekly Political Review, No. 33.
CWF Rockefeller Library Special Colletions - SCMS1930.6


Extract from Mr Redhead Yorkes weekly Political
Review — No. 33

I shall begin with the Province of Upper Canada. Although
that Province has experienced but little of the fostering care of the
Mother Country, it has nevertheless thriven in a manner almost
miraculous — and much of this progressive improvement is to be
attributed to the judicious conduct of one individual. I mean
General Simcoe who was a long time Governor of Upper Canada
It is a part of my duty to do justice to the names of those men
who by their greatness of mind their wisdom, & their goodness
bring into the pale of civility & religion the rude & uncultivated
parts of the Globe; who can discern the rudiments of a future
people wanting only time, to be unfolded in the seed, who can
perceive amidst the hopes, disappointments & expences of an
In[fant] Colony, the great advantages to be derived to th[e]
Country from such undertakings, who can pursue them in spite
of the malignity & narrow wisdom of the world