1781 Memoir of a Stay at the Iron Works
CWF Rockefeller Library Special Collections. SCMS2000.66


When I got to the Iron Works Dr.
Armstrong & Copeland very kindly as-
sisted me, looking out for a house
to lodge in where I might not be incon-
venienced by numbers nor distressed by
the groans of the wounded. I yesterday
obtained leave of absence from camp
for a few days for the recovery of strength
in my leg. I expect in five to six days to
be able to return to my duty, which I am
anxious to discharge in such a manner
as not to subject me to any ill-natured
reflections. Here let me take notice that
I am much obliged to Gen. Lawson for a
particular kind of attention which he has paid
me ever since I have been with him. As
my acquaintance with him was very slight
& I am conscious that my experience in
military matters must make me sometimes act
improperly, I think this acknowledgement due to a
man, who is in general remarkable for a
vigorous exaction of duty. Gen. Greene is also p2 very polite and attentive to the Virginia
officers. We are as happy in these
respects as our most sanguine
wishes could make us.