MS43.04: Francis Nicholson Papers
"To go to Mr Blair" Memorandum, N. D.


To go to Mr Blair & tell him that seeing his Excy heard that he had told Mr
Fouace What his Excy desired him to tell Madm Lucy (tho he had not his leave)
he hopes both of them have spoke to her. and if they ha'nt, desire they would this
morning, because he was in hopes to have heard some of it last night. The reason why
he sends so early is because the business is so much trouble & concern to me, and he
knows that the young Lady rises early, besides he has some business calls him abroad
wch he should done yesterday had it not been for the unlucky accident. I am loth
so much as to think that Coll. Ludwell will take it ill or any ways hinder their
Speaking to her, or that he desired the young Lady's company at his house to hinder
my having the opportunity of seeing or speaking with her here, because he was
the first that his Ex I desired to speak abt this affair: and he was sensible of the
Concern I was then under, and that hope in God have given nobody just occasion
by any of my actions to believe or so much as to think that I have acted affared
in this. or been guilty of such a piece of villany.

To desire to speak with Madm Lucy & give his Excy's humble Service to her & tell
her that he hopes her journey has partly recovered her, & that she hath been diverted
by it, tho I'm he is under the greatest trouble & affliction that's possible for her late usage of
mehim and because I knows fl it is contrary to her natural humor & good nature Natural good
& modesty & bashfullness, yet I will not attribute it to be caused by others, for he knows
she'll take it upon her Self, as she hath always done. so lays it upon his as bad
Genius that haunts a certain house in this Town, in & from which I will in her going from
which is the most unfortunate behaviour from her, and Expects the same still, & that that
my his evil Genius will not be for ever banished that mansion till she gives him leave either
to buy it or lease it for her, and then, doth not doubt but that her good Angells will make
it a most fortunate & happy place both to herself & him too.