MS43.04: Francis Nicholson Papers,
"To tell Major Burwell", N. D.



To tell Major Burwell that his Excellcy sent me to enquire how he and Madam Burwell do, that he
hopes they are on the recovery, that he would have come himself & have seen the Major, but did not know how
it would be taken, and so he was loath to make himself uneasie. That next to the trouble his Excellcy lyes undr
of not obtaining the Young Lady, is, that his Love affair, should end, & be ye cause of breaking off, that friendship
wch his Excellcy had for the family, (and believes they had for him) ever since he first knew Mr Presidt Bacon.
but what ever opinion some people may have of his Excellcy; he knows his own heart to be sincere, and one
part of his character to be that he threatens more than he will do, and promises less than he intends to performe
His Excellcys case in one respect may be said to be like the Majors, who after he has had so long & violent a
distemper, can't expect to be in a true & perfect State of health of a sudden, but that ever now & then he will
have a touch of it. It is an extraordinary trouble to his Excellcy that he did not take leave of the young
Lady after another manner; for as his Love &c was very extraordinary false, so he is very desirous that his
respect and esteem should still be ye same for her and he hopes in God that his making his Addresses to her
has been no ways in the least prejudicial to her. but if it hath, he is heartily sorry for it, and would if it
lay in his power make her a thousand times Satisfaction.

To tell the Major that Mr Perry writes his Excy that there is 500£ of goods coming in P Morgan for
the French Refugees, if his Excy can be any ways serviceable to him in relation to those Refugees seated on
his land, his Excy desires he will please to let him know it.