N.D. - Poem "The Rackett"
CWF Rockefeller Library, Special Collections - SCMS 1943.4


The Rackett
~ or ~
A Glass for their Satyr.
The Prologue Spoke by

     Wo! to ye Direfull Day
Our Mournfull Land of late was heard to say
     When first rebellious men
Against Good Barklett drew their Angry pen
     And cruel Swoard unsheath'd
And nought but Blood & Desolation breath'd

     No wars had I till then
But with ye slow pac'd [Matchcole] Indian
     In Peace and Wealth each one
Enjoy'd his ease in his Pavilion

     Bliss did on Blessing [shove]
All Good things common, in yt mutual Love
     Whitehall ne'er heard of me
But by complaints from other shores, did see
     And did me happie call,
And in my silence heard me blest of all

     But since yt woeful wight
(I lothe his name) by crawling vermin dy'd
     With his foull brood Enthraul'd
And in his Growing Blood by furys haul'd
     (His Evill Blood entail'd
And damn'd, & in too many now bewail'd)

     And into [factions] tore
What 'erst I was, I'm happie now no more
     Lampoon & Satyr now
Those Cuckled birds of night do me pursue My Ld B[illegible] in his Essays
     And haunt my troubled shores.
Much ye Sagacious States man this deplores
     And with much Griefe [repeats]
As ye sad Lackeys of dissolving states.



     Begon you Lampoon
     And Saytr the frown
Of weaklings & malecontented
     We boldy may Laugh
     Sing, challenge & scoff
Their [Malice] yt vainly did vent it.


     Three Scotts, one a Fox,
     One French with a Pox
Did swear down on English Dominion
     One born in ye Lann
     With an English man
Of Foxes own [Hue] & opinion.


     To help them in Evill
     There wanted no Devill
But B. for a pretty Invention
     He should like ye Jew
     For a factious Crew
Whose envy might serve for their Pension.


     His Enigmatick Oath
     And Reservative both
Were such as their wonder did [scan] on
     How ye youth were Employ'd
     In their Barring out [illegible]
How two were full forty [illegible]ys canon


     So they cringe to [him bair]
     And in swearing compare
Themselves but ye Stream, him ye Fountain
     While his Oath by Obreption
     Of cheated Conception
Swells Molehill up vast to a Mountain



     So did ye French Priest
     And the [Presbyter] Theist
His Bigamy Captain Sea monster
     But who cou'd have spy'd
     That ye priest wou'd have ly'd
While the Atheist cry'd shame out upont [illegible].


     So Pollux ye Rooke
     And Castor yt tooke
their measures from troublesome [Jemmey]
     Yet gallantly brave it
     Their hue Affidavit
They never were faithfull to any.


     But first came ye Plaint
     I'll dictate, worse meant
To [Vulpene] by [petticole] ne-swell
     From two never good
     Two ever [purse] proud
And one ye Disgrace of ye Council


     So formally Grave
     And Bigg they behave
Their mein is more wise than their foreheads
     That when they began
     To write & complain
Their wits bid their Honr yett more heads.


     Yet like to yt Thief
     Of Bacon & Bief
With his Grandure in Taphole to Jilt her
     If we mind not our hits 'oer
     They'll steal on our witts for
Kind stork, a rapacious Vultur.



     Or as he yt did yeild
     To kid his own child
Into hell, they'd us all to Rebellion.
     Which ever begins
     By resisting of Kings
Through ye screen of a [trusty Parelion]


     Embroiling the State
     In factions & heat
The Church too by Deprivation
     To win ye small people
     And ride on ye steeple
Of every high knaves approbation.


     Checkmating his Maker
     By palming kidnaper
On Councill, on Colledg the other
     Giveing Clergy to Death
     For on Councellours breath
And courting the Horns for another


     Such Partys & [Pars]
     And stomachfull wars
Virginia of late have shaken
     That farewell all peace,
     We might swear & good case,
In B. is so many a Bacon.


     Then London if wise,
     Beware & advise
Look Westminster well to his Clergie
     Wherever he steers
     He sets all by the ears
And all in a rage will engage ye .



     But our Governour hy'd
     Long since, hath defy'd
Both such, & their [tricks] hath decided
     With Punishmt Due
     To a Pestilent Crew
Nor 'ere was he better provided.


     This Glass for your Satyr
     Be-poyson'd with Water,
I've pledged in moderate clarret:
     Another in place
     I have for his face
Will shew him ye shapes of a [Blarite]

     That as by delight in
     Tarantula's biting
The Brain sick, by Musick are cured;
     Our madmen yt dance
     With delight in ill chance
May recruit by this role, if they use it.

     God. prosper our Queen,
     Prolonging her Reign
With Danube on Danube repeated
     May Virginy recover
     Her Peace no more ever
By Growling sedition o're heated.