MS91.06: Peyton Randolph Papers
Peyton Randolph letter to Maria Randolph


My dearest Maria

Your letter of saturday has given me infinite
concern. I would go immediately to Amelia, if I could feel
my self justified in doing so. My dear wife, why do you not
use exercise and drink bitters? Your health is far more
important to me than my own. I conjure you not to
omit any thing that may be of service to you. Unless you
begin to regain your strength in a little time, I will carry
you up the country without delay. Let me entreat you
to rouse yourself up, and lounge as little as possible. Remem-
ber that you are the wife of one who places all his happiness
in you, and the mother of two dear prattlers. Pursue some
course of exercise & tonics with perserverance, and do not
relax whenever you feel a little better. Do not, I beseech you,
slight my prescriptions. They are all important to me, to you,
and our children.

I am immersed in business, and cannot say
when I shall be released. I need not tell you, that I shall em-
brace the first moment to see you.

Kiss my dear children
for me, & believe me to be ever your faithful [& most] affec-
tionate husband.


p2 Maria Randolph
Major Archer.