Estate Division — Christopher Calthorpe decd.

A List of the division of the Estate of the late Deceased Coll. Christopher Calthorpe & of Anne Calthorpe widow deced. late wife of the sd Coll. Xpher Calthorpe by us whose names are hereunto subscribed in obedience to an order granted at Yorke Court Jan. 1667 unto James, Barbary, Elinor & Anne Calthorpe the third day of [blank space] one Thousand Six hundred sixty eight.

James Calthorpe pte of Cattle & goods
one Cowe called Motherlesse 7 yeares ol4--one Cowe called blackecoate 9 yeares old, one blacke Cowe called Motherlesse 7 yeares old--one blacke Cowe called Besse 6 yeares old, one browne Cowe called plum 5 yeares old, one redd Cowe called Cherry 4 yeares old, one brown cowe oalled browne 8 yeares old, one redd Cowe called Gentle 3 yeares old, one blacke heifer 2 yeares old, one yeareling heifer, one yeareling bull, one browne Sseere 6 years old, one blacke py'd steere 3 yeares old, one blacke py'd bull 4 yeares old, one browne bull 7 yeares old, one redd py'd steere 3 yeares old----
In all Sixteene

one great pewter Flagon. three pewter dishes, foure pewter plates, three pewter Spoones, one great brasse Kettle, one frying pan, two small brasse Kettles, one pre of Cottrells, A small fore plain, one hammer, one Chissell, one plow Chaine, one Coller & sheere, one Axe, one Reape hooke, one Copsill, one broad hoe, one sifter, three Trayes, one wooden bowle, one gold ring wth three stones, one childs barrow, one rich Mantle, one pin cushion, one fine new holland sheete, one fine tablecloth, one pre of course sheetes, one pillowber, two towells, one white Earthen Jugg, one Cedar Chest, two small truncks to keepe writings in.

Barbary Calthorpe pte of Cattle & goods
one browne cowe called browneares 12 yeares old, one blacke Cowe called whitebelly 7 yeares old, one blacke Cowe called Cole 6 yeares old, Two blacke Cowes called Nanny & blackberry 5 yeares old a peice, one blacke Cowe called Lady 4 yeares old, one browne heifer 3 yeares old., one browne heifer a yeare & halfe old, Two yeareling heifers, one yeareling bull, one browne steere Six yeares old, one blacke steere 3 yeares old, two blacke py'd steeres called Swan & Wolfe 4 yeares old a peice, one blacke py'd steere 2 yeares old, one Cowe Calfe new fallen---ln all Seventeen

Three pewter dishes, one pewter chamber pott, one pewtr porringr. one o1d Tankerd, three pewter Spoones, two Leather Chaires, the Middlemost Iron pott, a gridiron, a Smoothing Iron, one pre of Cottrells, one plow chaine, one Conuller & sheere, one Ads, two hilling hoes, one sifter bottome, one froe, a hooke & Ring for a plough, one handsaw, one joint saw, one o1d Sickle, fower Trayes, one wooden bowle, one Iron pestle, one Axe, a browlett, one Napkin, one pre of course sheets, one large tablecloth, one old Truncke, one old great Cheste----

To James & Barbary Calthorpe, one Feather bedd bolster & two pillows, one blankett, one new red rug, one old pre Curtains & Vallons, one small Canves Ticke fill'd wth Chaffe.

Elinor Calthorpe parte of Cattle & goods
one blacke cowe called Hobby 12 yeares old, one browne Cowe called [browning] 7 yeares old, one blacke cowe called Blackett 6 yeares old, one blacke Cowe called Crumple 5 yeares old, one browne cowe called Minx [5] yeares old , one blacke cowe called Mul- berry 4 yeares old, one redd heifer 3 yeares old, one blacke [heifer 2 yeares - faded] one brown Ox called browne 7 yeares old--Two steeres one of them redd the other browne & white three yeares old a peice--one blacke cowe called Nanny 7 yeares old, one browne py'd steere [six] yeares old--one bull Calfe new fallen----
In all seventeene

[Fower] pewter dishers, one chamber pott, one small Tankerd, three Spoones, two Leatherne chaires, one small Iron pott, one Spitt, two small Brasse Morters, one old warming pan, one flesh forke, one pre of Fire doggs, [one] Ax, one old broad hoe, one old Sickle, one sifter bottone, three trays, one Cheese fatt, one Silver watch. one [wrought] petticoate, Two Ells & a [qter] of fine holland, one pre of course sheetes, two pillowbers, one Callicoe Carpett, one small Trunke.

Anne Calthorpe pte of Cattle & goods
One Redd Cowe called Cherry 12 yeares old-one redd Cowe called strawberry 7 yeares old-Two blacke Cowes one called Cole the other Lilly 6 yeares old a peice-one brown Cow called Mucklepaps 5 yeares old, one browne Cow called starr 4 years old-one py'd cow called strawberry 3 yeares old-one black heifer 3 yeares old-two yeareling heifers-one yeareling bull-one py'd ox called broad 7 yeares old-Two steeres one blacke the other redd 3 yeares old a peice-one blacke Cowe called Nany 6 yeares old-one blacke py'd bull two yeares old-one Cowe Calfe new fallen----In all Seaventeene

Three pewter dishers, one small pewter Flagon, one pewter Candlesticke, one pewtr. Salt, three pewter Spoones, Two Leatherne Chaires, one great Iron pott & pothooks, one stocklocke & Key, one [Reaphooke], two hoes, a small Auger, one Ax, one Tennon Saw, a broken pestell, a Coller & sheere, one plough chaine, one day hoock, fower Trayes, one Sifter, one blacke Taffety petticoate & wastcoate, one gold ring wth stones, two napkins, one tablecloth, one pre of course sheetes, five Ells of fine holland, two remnts of fine holland more containing abt 2 yds, Two small Chests----

To Elinor & Anne Calthorpe
One feather bedd bolster & three pillows two blanketts, one old rugg, one Carpett, one old Canves Ticking fill'd with Flocks & Feathers----

Whereas there is a Mare & a Mare foale to be divided amongst the abovenamed James, Barbary, Elinor, & Anne Calthorpe And the three sister being desirous that their brother James might have them paying each of his sisters as much in Cattle as their severall shares of the Mare & Foale came unto [ ] therefore by wth all their consents have valued the sd Mare & Foale at Eight Cowes And in [ ] of the three sisters [parts] the sd James Calthorpe hath this day paid out of his owne abovesd pte of Cattle Six Cowes (that is to say) to each of his sisters two Cowes (Vizt.) To Elinor Calthorpe one browne Cow called browne 8 yeares old & one black Cowe called Broadhorne 7 yeares old. To Barbary Calthorpe one Cowe called Motherlesse 9 yeares old & one redd Cowe called Cherry 4 yeares old. To Ann Calthorpe one Cow called Blackcoate 7 yeares old & one Cow called Gentle 3 yeares old together wth all the [ensueing] encrease of the sd Six Cowes to them & their heyres, In Consideration whereof forever In Testimony [of all & eny] the abovesd division of [goods] & Cattle wee the dividers have hereunto putt our hands the day & yeare abovewritten.

Armiger Wade

[H]umphry Tomkins

John Hunt

Recorded 10th Mar[tis] Ano 1668 P Johem Baskervyle