The Estate of William Langham Appraised by Mr. Henry Freeman & Mr. Richard Trotter appointed by ordr. from the Honble. Coll. George Read.

lbs. tob.
Imps-one old Flocke bedd & bolster & greene Rugg170
one old sute of Cloathes & one old hatt 1 pre of old stockens020
one pre of worsted stockens030
one sute of Clothes 1 hatt, 1 weeding 1 hilling hoe, 2 yds Canvas430
A Cropp of Corne & Tobaccoe1140
one Bill of Thomas Kirbyes0395
one bill of Jeremy Degranes [or Degraves]0400
One pcell of Hoggs not to be found2585

This Estate appraised by us the above sd appraisers the Twelvth day of August Ano one Thousand & Six hundred Sixty & Seaven as witness or. hands the day & yeare aforesd.

Henry Freeman
Richard (RT) Trotter