Inventory & Appraisement of Mrs. Mary Hughes

[ Torn ]Hughes decd. according to Ordr. of Yorke County Court
[ Torn b]y Mr. [Thom]as Michell Mr. Wm. Pattison Mr. John Aduston
[ Torn b]y Lt. [Coll] Henry Gooch (one of his Maties. Justices
[ Torn ]e to the sd order the sd Appraisement beinge made

£ s d
[ Torn ]lowes, one blew & two Blanketts, one Pre.
[ Torn ] 06-10-00
[ Torn ]ketts, & 1 Bed [torn] & a pre & Vallons [fr]ing' d 09-00-00
[ Torn ]er, & one flo[torn] old 00-14-00
[ Torn ] oz. ½ 00-02-04
[ Torn ] thread haire Buttons 00-03-00
[ Torn ]e Pre. wt. Gloves two Silke Laces, great Pins
[ Torn ]erne Laces & Box 00-03-00
[ Torn ]02 lbs., blacke hookes & Eyes abt. 6 dozen 00-05-00
[ Torn ]f Fish Line & a little Cotton & sticke of wax
[ Torn ]ye, one wooden Spoone 00-02-00
[ Torn ] 00-04-06
[ Torn ] 00-04-00
[ Torn ] 00-00-08
[ Torn ]Silver 00-02-03
[ Torn ] 00-00-04
[ Torn ]Box 00-03-08
[ Torn ]am att 14d. 00-15-10 3/4
[ Torn ]att 21 00-19-03
[ Torn ]lens att l0d. 1/2 00-17-06
[ Torn shoo]es at 2:6 01-07-06
[ Torn ]d 00-05-06
[ Torn ] [torn]-01-07
[Could be another line that is torn completely.]
[Illegible] of red [illegible & torn] [torn]
[Torn] Ells of [illegible & torn] [torn]
Three yards 1/2 of [stone grey] Kersey att [2s:5d-[torn]
Twelve yards of Gray [frize] [torn]
One small Chest [wth a] Locke & Key & a [torn] [torn]
One old [closestool] & a Bedd Pann [3.10.0 & torn] [torn]
Two Pre of Holland Sheets—01-05-00 F[torn ]12[ ] [torn]
Three Holland Pillowbers & 4 old Pillo[wbers—torn-old Linen er] [torn]
One Pre of Bodyes wth Stuffe Tickinge old [torn]
Old Napkins Seaven, two old [towolls] & two[torn] table Cloths [00-torn]
One old Dowlesse Shift a white Box wth Locke & Key [00-03-Torn]
One [Sarcenott] Gowne old—01-10-00 one [cumett] pe[tt]icoate [l]ac'd & a Serge [Wast] Coate Lac' d—00-16-00 02-0[6 -00]
One Kersey Gowne—01-10-00 One old Bible & two small Bookes and a hat [brish] —00-05-00 01-1[5-00]
One blacke Box wth a horne Rim, old wt. Box old [Gin] ger & Rotten Prunes 00-0[torn]
Two Juggs one drinkinge Pott, one old smothing [pe] Iron & two Heaters 00-[torn]
Six old Leatherne Chaire & one Chaire more 01-[torn]
One Table and Forme [01-torn]
About 1/2 a pound of white Pe[ ] in a Glasse Bottle 00-[torn]
Two old Chests and two old truncks 01-[torn]
One fra[my]d [Couch & C d]—00-13-06 About 3 Bushells of Salt at [2s 6d] 00-07-06 01-[01-0]
Two Bushells of Malt—00-06-00 Two dozen & Nine old Trays—0l-04-40 01-[10-0]
One Ch[urn]e one milke strayner, 2 old Salt B[arrells] 2 old Cheese Fatts 00-06-06
Foure Iron Wedges, one old Adds, one old Froe, abt. 1000 old Nayles 00-08-06
One old steele Mill 00-18-0[0]
Twenty pounds of Butter and two Butter Potts 00-11-00
One old Chest 00-10-00
One large old brasse Kettle, one brasse Skimmer one small brasse Ladle, one small Brasse [Kett] & one more both old & small 01-04-00
Three Iron Potts wth hookes, one Iron Ke[t]tle, 2 Chimney Racks, 1 Iron Hooke 02-10-00
Two Iron Spitts, one frying Pan, two Pestells, one old drawinge Knife one old Broad Ax, one old Grid Iron, one Pre. Tong [es], one old Chafing dish, one dripping pan, 1 Pre [And Irons] 02-10-[00]
One warming Panne, one Tob. knife, one Cullender, one funnel 00-06-00
Two new weedinge hoes, one new narrow [Axe], two old Axes, one old Auger one long Saw, two old Spades, one good Spade, Six old weedinge hoes 00-17-00
One old Gunne the stocke broaken 00-12-00
One Urindstone 00-02-0[ ]
Five old Rundletts one old Pale, one 4-0 gallon Caske, one more Rundlett 00-06-0[0]
John Clarke 11 Months to serve the 20th Decemb. next 05-00-00
John Lambert abt. one yeare to serve the 20th Decemb. next 05-00-00
William Burton free the first [moh] next beinge abt. 10 weekes from 20th Decemb. for his Corne & Cloths to be free when the Cropp is finished 00-00-0[3]
Thomas Collins free on Christmas day next [therefore] not valuable, the Estate to pay his Corne and Cloths the 5 dayes valued att 00-01-[00]
Sarah Bouth abt. 2 yeares & Nine months beinge free 7br 1666 06-10-00
Eight Pre. of mens plaine shooes at 2s 6d 01-00-00
2 lbs. taken out Thirty Seaven pounds 1/2 of old Pewter at l0d 1-11-[03]
Six Pewter plates -05-[ ]
Foure [baggs] & two wire Candlestic[ks] [torn]
Two Silver Spoons to be
[ivered torn]
One Gold ringe [torn] [torn]
[Torn] Gold[ringe & torn] [torn]
[Torn]Cowe Seaven yeares old—C[alve torn]
[Torn - illeg] 12 yeares Old, Cherry 11 yeares old, Jewell
[Torn]& 1/2 [Finch] starr & Browning, one Cowe
[Torn - illeg C]alvinge one blacke & one browne
[Torn]e wth a white belly 5 yeares next springe
[Torn]One steere 4 & one steere 3 yeares
[Torn]when finished and the Executor
[Torn]ngs P Barrell, the Estates part [three
[Torn t]hree Shoats abt. 3/4 old Tenn Piggs abt [1/4] old by the servts Informacon—03-10-00

[Torn] Appraisemt made Novemb. the 6th & 7th by the Subscribers accordinge to the-sd. ordr. amounting [Torn] hoggs to Seaventy five pounds Nine pence three farthings Besides the things unvallued [torn to]baccoe & the Come which Appraisemt wee Psent to the Ct att Yorke And one hundred & fifty [Torn pl]anke att Fifteene shillings to be added to the
[other Supra]

Tho. MichellWilliam Pattison (X)
John Ad[ust]onJohn Parke (X)
[Torn]de 75-00-00 ¾
[Torn] 00-15-00
[Torn] Goods [ ] Apprais'd (vizt) Side Saddle & Bridle old, old
Bellows, S[nu]ffers, [Shot], & Chest 01-09-06
[Torn] barrells of corn besides what was pd tp
Servts. & Mr. Lawson 09-18-00
87-02-06 ¾
To Acct to be paid by Mr. Crighton 00-17-07 ½
88-00-02 ¼

The Cropp of Tob. 5952 lbs.

Will. Hay
Capt. William Hay sworne to this Inventory 24th February 1664
C Recorded P Johem Baskervyle Cl. Cur.