The Estate of Mr. Ralph Graves decd, to Mr. Thomas Dipnall
The Estate of Mr. Ralph Graves decd. to Mr. Thomas Dipnall is Dr: 1669
lbs. tobaccoe & Caske
To 3 head of Cattle sold in 1664 to Mr. Crabtree 9500
To 2 Servants sold Mr. Crabtree in 1664 3000
To 1 yeares Rent of Mr. Dipnalls plantacon in 1665 0800
To Simon Horners bill 0480
To the Cropp made by Mr. Dipnalls servants 1664 2718
To the ballance carted to the money Accompt below 1870
Ralph Graves Estate Drs in money to Mr. Dipnall 1669
£ s d
To paid Richd.[Richard] Paler for him on a bill of Exchange 04.10.00
To paid Mr. Napier by bill of Exchange 05.00.00
To paid his sister Grancher by Mr. Dipnall 01.00.00
To paid the porter by Mr. Graves ordr. 00.16.00
To 2 Sifters 00.02.00
To Mr. B[iore] by Capt Jennings order 00.09.00
To rec' d of the Honble: Sr. Wm.[William] Berkeley P Mr. Graves 27.00.00
To Household stuffe sold by Mr. Graves to Mr. Crabtree 07.15.09
To the Leavies of 1664 twice charged on the Credit side of the bob. Acct is 327 at 12 P cent 01.19.03
To the bill of Exchange paid Capt Jennings in 1665 01.10.00
P Contra Credits 1669
lbs tobaccoe & Caske
[P] paid Capt Jennings ab Attorney vs Vardey in 1664 0600
P hhd tobaccoe in Capt Hobbs 1663 0530
due too Mr. Graves in the 4 hogsheads & Chest sent Mr. Dipnall in Capt Hobbs Ano 1662, wch wee conceive was for Leavies & Caske etc. 0844
P paid Richard Vardy upon an Execution abt [stouts] Estate 4039 & the charges of it 426 4465
P pd Mr. Dipnalls man George for finishing the Cropp when free 0400
P Leavies in 1664 for 3 Tithables 0327
P Caske for the Cropp in 1664 0060
P King's Rent for the Land 0092
P 10 hhds Tobacco in Capt Hobbs shipp neat 4453 from which due to Mr. Dipnall but 1239 the rest Mr. Graves tobaccoe being 3214
P 1 hhd sent by Capt Harrison in 1664: we guesse it at 0400
P Mr. Graves expences (betides his tyme) at James Citty 3 yeares in Dipnalls businesse wth Vardy & others, Graves chargeth besides fees but wee allow for all but 2500
P Leavies for Mr. Dipnalls Servts in 1663 & 1664 at 327 0654
P Sallery of 12825 at 10 P Cent is 1282
P Mr. Crabtrees bill returned upon wch resteth due about 3000
Cr. P. Contm 1669
£ s d
P Paid Capt Jennings, as Attorney vs Mr. Meekins 05.00.00
P mistaken in the bills of Exchange P Contra being 11.17.00 P Mr. Graves his letters it is but 11.10.00 wch alsoe appears by Mr.Dipnalls letters 00.07.00
P Sallery of 14.10.01 at 5 P Cent & sallery of 7.15.00 at 10 P Cent is 01.10.00
P 1870 lbs of Tobaccoe due to Ralph Graves by ballance of the tobaccoe Acct abovemenconed wch was due in 1665 & tobaccoe then a good comodity at 16s 8d 15.11.08
P due to Mr. Dipnall for ballance 27.13.04

The Audit Settlement & determinacon of all Accompts & demands in tobaccoe or money betweene Mr. Thomas Dipnall & Mr. Ralph Graves decd by Mr. Thomas Meekins Attorney of the said Dipnall & Mr. Richard Barnes as marrying the Relict & Executrix of the [said] Ralph Graves referred to us whose names are here under written, wee have after a serious and exact [Ex]amination of all papers relating to the same found the Accompt to stand as above by wch remaines due from Graves Estate to Dipnall for ballance Twenty Seaven pounds thirteene shillings And wee doe therefore hereby adjudge & determine that the said sume of money to Mr. Thomas Dipnall or his order by good bills of Exchange to be past payable in London at Thirty daies be satisfied & paid the 20th day of December in the yeare 1670 by the said Richard Barnes & the other Psons concerned in Mr. Graves his Estate according to their severall Concernes for the children of the sd decedent and wee further Arbitrate & Award that the said Barnes doe assigne over to the sd. Dipnall or his order Mr. Samuell Crabtrees bill for soe much as is thereby due being as wee are informed about Three Thousand pounds of Tobacco & Caske and if there be less due the said Barnes & other Trustees for Graves Children to be accomptable to Mr. Dipnall or his order to make upp the same Three Thousand & Caske In Confirmacon of wch our judgmt & determinacon wee have subscribed our hands And doe further order & appoint that this within written Accompt & our [Arbitraint] be put upon the Records of Yorke County for either party to take Copies under the Clarkes hand Dated in Virginia November the Twenty ninth Ano 1669
Tho Ballard
James Vaulx
Phil. Chesley

It is to be understood that all Arreares of Rent due from Mr. Samuell Crabtree deced. for Mr. Dipnalls plantacon nere Queenes Creeke is to be paid to the said Dipnall or his ordr. Wytnesse our hands as abovesaid.

Tho Ballard

James Vaulx

Phil Chesley

Recd. P Johem Baskervyle Cl Cu