Thomas Smallcombe
The estate of Thomas Smallcombe is debtr. to disbursments as followeth
March the 10th 1645
lbs tob
To Thomas Gibson for twoe sheirts 0100
To Twoe pre of shooes 0080
To Rondell Revell for twoe barrells of corne 0300
To twoe gall. & a halfe of satke bought of Tho.[Thomas] Broughton 0100
To one botle of drames bought of Tho. Broughton 0025
To Cheese bought of Robert Lewis 0100
To beere sent him in the tyme of his sicknes 0036
To diett at the ordinary at James Citty 0035
To one blue scarffe 0050
to diet five mounthes at Gibsons 0300
To tob pd John Broch as per accot & receipt 0530
To his funerall charges one steere about 4 years old 0700
To one barrell of strong beere 0260
To a coffin 0150
To twoe pound of powder spent at his funerall 0024
To the minister clarke & sexton for his buriall 0040
To Thomas Wilkinson as per receipt 0270
To Thomas Taylor as per bill & receipt 0330
To Mr Gill as per bill and receipt 0310
To Robert Taylor as per bill & receipt 0475
To Thomas Broughton as per accot and recie pt 0476
To Tho. Broughton for caske with the tobacco 0030
To William Coxe as per bill and receipt 0090
To Mr John Corker 0161
To John Vaughan per bill & receipt 0150
To Church warden for parish dutyes 0014
To tob in roule lent him to [ ke] 0020
To John Underwood as per receipt 0030
To Mr Robert Vaus for Mr Tho.[Thomas] Vaus per bill & accot as per receipt 1022
To Charges in proving will probate & recording will & severa 1 petitions 0300
To [torn] Deacon as per receipt 0233
The estate of Thomas Smallecombe is Cr. per con.
By tobacco allowed him by the Assembly for his servis at Fort Royall 4000
By twoe a Indians sold Sr Wm[William] Berkley 0600
By Twoe Indians sold John Hammon 0500
By one Indian sold Capt Thomas Pettus 0600
By Inventory as appeareth 0630
sume is 6330

June the 26th 1646

Wee finde per inventory recorded the estate Crd. 0630
more by Thomas Gibsons accot 5700
Estate Debtor per good proffe as bills taken in and receipts proveing soe much pd by Tho. Gibson 3581
Recpts for the Court to have Tho: Gibson prove pd 3120
The wch was this day proved by the oath of Thomas Gibson and allowed of by the Court

Teste me Ro. Bouth Cl Cur