25 July 1646

Wm Baulk decd. his estate debtor
To Thomas Larrimore sherr per receipt 0095
To Capt Clayborne for Baulk Land [vins] or [viii] 0096
To Robert Young by Capt Chismans order 0140
To Richard Hull by 2 orders & recepts 0975l m
To Henry Poole Clrc of Eliz. County 0192
To Roger Daniell per receipt & order 13004c
To Mr Thomas Taylor per order & receipt 0998 3c
To Richard Floyd per receipt & order 0819
To Augustin Warrnor per receipt and order being for five pound of beaver & 100 lbs tob 0600
To Henry Batt sherr by acco & distresses 0912
To Niccholas Browne per receipt & order 0600
To Henry Freeman per receipt & order 1191
To Mr Richard Lee per fees 0355
To Capt Oldis in parte of his order & per receipt 1400 2c
To Thomas Kerby per Arbitracon 0050
To Goodman Christmas per order 0080
To John Hunt the remander of Baulkes bill 0100
To Thomas Beale sherr by distresse 0507
To funerall charges sermon with his buriall & grave digging 1000
To Wm Baulkes attendance and charges of provision lodging & washing in his sicknes 0900
To my owne expences and troubles at James Towne Yorke & Kiccotan 0700
To my Attorney for his paines & servis almost this three yeares at James Towne Kigatan & Yorke 1500
To Copyes of seaven orders 0056
To Caske [&] ten hoghds 0250
The estate of Wm Baulke is Creditr.
lbs tob
Per Inventory in tob. 5537
Per Christopher Darcey & John Balhoms bill 1050
Per one yeareling heifer & one one yeare bull 0300
By John Newmans bill 800 lbs porke
By Wm Ellen bill 20 heennes
Per Capt Peirce his bill 13£ Ster
Per Antho Linney bill 11£ 10s Ster
Per Ambrose [Dudley] bill three barr of Corne
Per an old T[illeg] 0030
Per bill of Thomas Halliards 1300

Wee the subscribers desired by the Cort to peruse this accot of the estate of WM Bauke doe finde orders and sufficient discharges for tenn thousand sixe hundred sixty sixe pownds of tobacco pd by the adminstrator & accot of of Charges 4256 lbs tob wch wee leave to the peruseall of the Court soe the whole is 14822 lbs.

The full accot of the estate in tob: 9100
in money 24£ 10s 00d
in corne three barrells
20 hennes

Tho: Wombwell

Tho: Broughton