William Caynhooe
The estate of Wm Caynhooe deceased is creditr
lbs tob
for divers goods and chatles appraysed as per inventory appeareth 5310
By tob rec of Chirstopher Deny 0525
By tob rec from the parish of Martins Hundred 0300
for tob received of Widd Spencer 0100
for tob. rec of Wm Sawer 0500
The estate of Wm Caynehooe dec debtr in 1646
For funerall charges as per accot 0580
For tob pd Mr Lee for Phissicke in the tyme of his sicknes 0440
For tob. pd Mr Pryor as per order of Ct p exec appeareth 4500
For soe much pd Robt Bouth as per order of Ct appeareth & two barrells of corne 0481
For soe much pd Mr Geo Ludlowe 1000
For soe much pd the secretary & clarke for there fees as by severall accots appeareth 0405
For expences in prosecuteing theise occasions 0479
8285 [7885]

We finde that this accot is legally pd by the aid of Wm Caynhooe but only 440 lb tob pd to Mr Henry Lee for Phisicke also 479 lb of tob for expences & charges of wch we make in regard it not upon order of Court.

Per me Carbery Kiggon

Thomas Broughton