The estate of Mr Francis Carter Debtr 1648
Imp to Mr Samuell Abbot as per order & receipt 0308
Itm pd Fr. Wheeler as per order & receipt 0462
Itm pd Mr Secretary for fees-as per receipt 0065
Itm pd Mr Richard Lee as per receipt 0245
Itm pd Mr Samuell Abbot for fees as per receipt 0260
Itm pd Mr Pryor as per order & receipts 4939
Itm pd Mr Steephen Gill as per order & receipt 2599
Itm pd Mr Robt [B]outh and Mr Tho Deacon as per order 2008
Itm To Charges allowed in the suite with Croshaw 1500
Itm pd Mr Rob Bouth as per receipt for fees 0257
Itm to sallery of 13928 lbs tob at l0d percent 1353
Itm to Charges of dyet & expences & fees not charged before [3l] 1500

Per Contr Creditr

Per Inventory exhibited in the County of Yorke
Amounting to13728
To over pd[0773]

per me Lewis Burwell

Upon examination of the severall receipts wee have [illeg] the Administration fully satisfied by order & receipts May the 25th 1648.

[illeg] Hockaday

Thomas Beale