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Index to the Virginia Cavalcade, 1951-2002

The Virginia Cavalcade, a handsomely illustrated magazine of Virginia history and culture, was published quarterly (January, April, July, and October) by the Library of Virginia from 1951 to 2002. Each issue contained 48 pages of engaging, authoritative articles, and illustrations in color and black-and-white, depicting Virginia history from the age of exploration to the mid-twentieth century.

Compiled by two John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library volunteers, Rachel Marks and Lois Raymond, 1992-2008, this work indexes articles and illustrations published in volumes 1-51 of the Virginia Cavalcade. Use in conjunction with the online subscription index, America: History and Life.

How To Use

Volume numbers are followed by the quarterly number, in parentheses, followed by pages. Beginning with Volume 24, pages were numbered consecutively throughout each volume, so quarterly numbers have been omitted.
Here are examples:

      16(2):13-34 indicates Volume 16, Autumn number, and page numbers.
      27:154-157 indicates Volume and page numbers.

The following symbols have been used:

      (M) for map within the pages given.
      (D) copy of document within pages given.
      * artistic production or photograph of person, place, or thing within pages given.

Almost all articles have illustrations of some type, but not all the illustrations are indexed.
Volume 18 includes a Number 5, which should be Volume 19, No. 1. This index includes material for that number under 18(5) and there is no reference to 19(1). (In the Colonial Williamsburg Library that issue may be found in both Vol. 18 and Vol. 19.)
Items about Virginia government appear under two headings: "Virginia, Colony," and Virginia, Commonwealth."
Information about entries indicated with ========== may be found in the card file in Rockefeller Library's Special Collections Department.

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