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Index to the Virginia Cavalcade, 1951-2002

X, "Whig" Richmond critic of J. Lind, 45:21
X-rays, architural research, 51:14
Yates, Ida Lorena, Yeo., Naval Reserve Corps, WWI, 50:132*,133
Yerby, Wm., Fredericksburg, 46:4
Adon Allen, author, editor, political expose writer, s. of J.E. Yoder, 46:34-47,35*,38*; 51:178,179
"Mystery", poem, 46:36,37
Nom de plume - Allyn O'Dare, 46:39
Adon, Jr., s. of Adon, 46:34,38-40
Anna Eschback, m. of J.E.Yoder, 46:24,34
Annie, d. of J.E. Yoder, 46:34
Annie Marshall, w. of Adon 46:34,38,40
Brunhilde, d. of A.A. Yoder, 46:47
Claude Colegrove, s. of J.E. Yoder, 46:34,43
Dorothy, w. of A.A. Yoder, 46:47
Edward Eschback, s. of J.E. Yoder, 46:34
Eva, d. of J.E. Yoder, 46:34
family pictures, 46:31*,32*
Frank, s. of Adon, 46:34,38,40,47
Jacob Eschback, Mennonite teacher, 46:24-34
Jacob Maurer, f. of J.E.Yoder, 46:24
Harry, s. of Adon, 46:34,38,40,47
Patricia, d. of A.A. Yoder, 46:47
Rosell Roland, s. of J.E. Yoder, 46:34
Wayland Whitaker, s., of J.E. Yoder, 46:34
Winona, d. of A.A. Yoder, 46:47
Woodrow, s. of A.A. Yoder, 46:47
Yoder School for Lynchburg blacks, 46:33
Yonge, Col. Samuel H., army engineer at Jamestown, 45:166
Yorktown Naval Mine Depot/Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, 51:91
Yost, Pearl (Stone), sec. to R.G. Rickford, 51:91-94,93*
Arthur, Eng. agriculturalist & author, 46:180; 48:159,164
Elizabeth, Augusta Cty. pauper, 49:23
John Hughes, 1st h. of Martha E. Lee Young Lee, 51:86
John Hughes jr., s. of Martha E. Lee Young, 51:85,86*,87
Priscilla, "Roanoke Times & World News" writer, 49:104,119
Stark, writer, 49:106
William Lee, s. of Martha E. Lee Young, 51:85,87
Young Catholic Friend Society, 47:41
Young Guard Militia, 49:161,165-168,172
"Young's Magazine," 49:103
Young Women's Hebrew Assoc., 50:120
YWCA, 50:119

Zachman, Jon, curator, Valentine Museum, Greensboro Historical Museum of N.C., 50:178-190
Zane, Isaac, ironmaker, 7(2):31; 35:186
Zehmer, John G., Jr., and Sarah Shields Driggs, auths.
"Worthy of its purposes," 37:126-133
Zeidler, Jeanne, auth.
"Americans will die or be free! The Battle of Hampton," 25:86-95
Zenger, John Peter
New York weekly journal, brief notice of trial (D), 32:136
Z.I., zone of interior=U.S. in wartime, 45:74
Being Z.I.'d=coming home, 45:74-83
Zimmerman, Mrs. ____, at Washington sale, 51:60
Zion Episcopal Church, Charles Town, 13(2):5*
Zirkle, Reuben, farmer, 3(4):28; 50:53
Zoffany, Johann, artist
"Charles Towneley in his gallery," 39:21
Zollicoffer, Felix K., CSA officer, 14(1):16
Zolnay, George Julian, sculptor
"Edgar Allan Poe," 24:157*
Zoumplis, Mrs., nurse's aide, 37:83*