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This database records the common and scientific name of each plant, and whether or not the plant tested yielded any phytoliths. Plants that did produce phytoliths are accompanied by photomicrographs of the phytoliths found in the samples. Please note that this is an ongoing, active research database, and will contain occasional errors. Not all phytoliths pictured will be considered “diagnostic” or meaningful to phytolith analysts; the database merely represents what we have tested and initially examined. The majority of this work was carried out under the direction of Dr. Lisa Kealhofer. Other contributors to the phytolith database have been Kelly Sullivan, Shelli Nelson, and Sara Feldman. Thanks to Dr. Donna Ware and the College of William and Mary Herbarium for providing many of the plant materials for testing. Intern Rebecca Ehrlich designed the initial database and scanned the photos into digital format.