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Coach and carriage papers(1794 [1809] 1848)

  • MS 1980.2
  • Microfilm: M-1585
  • Transcript: TR/91
  • 13 items

Correspondence between coachmakers and their customers containing descriptions, specifications, special modification requests, and some prices for new carriages, as well as modifications to, and repairs of, existing coaches and a request for the appraisal of two coaches to be sold second-hand. Also, the petitions from two Frederick County [probably Maryland] court cases between apprentices and master craftsmen (a saddler and a coachmaker). Letter, March 25, 1848, from coachmaker Isaac Mix, Jr., New York, to an unnamed customer. Other coachmakers mentioned include Messrs. Lukin and Allan and Mr. Leader, all English, and Cornelius Fur of Maryland. Other names appearing in the collection include: Daniel Buchias, Robert Edging, Otto McKusick, and Isaac Martz, all in America; and Gen. John William Egerton, Hon. Gen. Alexander Hope, Sir John Shelley, Duke and Duchess of Somerset, Lord T. Spencer, and Hon. Thomas Steele, all in England.


Date Description
20 March 1794 Petition from Robert Edging, coachmaker’s apprentice, Frederick County [Md.], vs. Daniel Buchias, coachmaker, Frederick Town [Md.]. Requests that the court release Edging from his contract with Buchias. 2 pp.
1794 Petition from Isaac Martz, Frederick County [Md.], to Frederick County Court. Requests that the contract of apprenticeship for Otho McKusick to learn the art of sadler under Martz be dissolved. Includes note from the court dated 27 November 1794 dissolving the contract. 2 pp.
7 April 1795 Sir John Shelley, n.p., to Mr. Leader, coachmaker, Liquorpond Street, London. Orders a “very neat false lining” for his chaise and wishes to install firmer cushions. 4 pp.
12 May 1797 Gen. John William Egerton, Grosvenor Square, London, to “Sir,” [Mr. Leader?] Liquorpond Street, London. Discusses the receipt of the new coach; dislikes the carpet and wishes to make changes. Mrs. Egerton dislikes the inside handles. 4 pp. Red wax seal in place.
11 October 1797 Memorandum of agreement between Ross Maguire, n.p., and Cornelius Fur of Maryland, that Fur complete a wagon to Maguire’s specifications within six weeks. Witnessed and signed by Cornelius Furr and Andrew Bracken.
8 October 1798 Hon. Thomas Stule, Dover, to “Sir,” n.p. Discusses the specifications for a new coach; wants leather affixed permanently to the platform; believes Salisbury boots are out of fashion and does not want one; discusses the cloth lining of the coach. 4 pp.
17 April 1803 Duchess of Somerset, n.p., to Mr. Allen, n.p. Requests an appraisal of two coaches which are to be sold second-hand. 2 pp.
11 July 1806 Duke of Somerset, Piccadilly, London, England, to Mssrs. Lukin, n.p. Requests repairs to the wheels and lamps of his curricle; wishes to have it done as soon as possible. 2 pp.
11 February 1807 Duke of Somerset, n.p., to Mr. Lukin, n.p. Requests a new hammercloth mantle, reins, and harness for his carriage; wants Mr. Lukin to call on him in the morning. 2 pp.
27 November 1809 Hon. Gen. Alexander Hope, n.p. to Mssrs. Lukin & Allan, coachmakers, Longacre, London. Discusses the purchase of a small phaeton that is for sale in Longacre; shall be in town Monday to pay for it. 2 pp.
25 March 1848 Isaac Mix, Jr., New York, to [Dalzell?], n.p. Discusses the receipt of two cane-seat carriages which he has not been able to sell; has sent a note for $350 to help meet the $500 due on March 28; needs help to meet the rest of the note; has written to Newark about the enamelled leather. 1 page.
3 March Lord T. Spencer, House of Commons, London, to “Sir,” n.p. Discusses the new wheels for his carriage; hopes that they do not differ from the ones recommended by the House of Commons; has directed that a pattern wheel be made at his own expense. 4 pp.
n.d. Lord Salisbury, n.p., to “Sir.” Describes damage to his landau; wants to know how long it will take to repair. 2 pp.