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Dabney Family Ledger and Papers(1755–1778, 1868)

  • MS 1979.1
  • Microfilm: M-1585
  • 1 vol. ([77] pp.) and 17 items

Ledger contains plantation accounts of William Dabney (1707–1772?) of Hanover County, VA, and blacksmith accounts of his son, Charles (1745–1829). Entries provide information on crops and slaves as well as record payments for services such as carpentry, shoemaking, and midwifery. William Dabney served as steward for Edward Ambler, Dudley Digges, and Armistead Lightfoot. Collection also includes seventeen loose items, primarily accounts.


Date Description
1755–1778 Ledger. Plantation accounts of William Dabney (1707–1772?) of Hanover County, VA, and blacksmith accounts of his son, Charles (1745–1829).
n.d. Account. Itemized.
n.d. Portion of printed map showing Fort Fenny and Bear Grass Creek.
15 October 1753–22 February 1754 Account. Col. Dudley Diggs. Itemized. Verso: Williamsburg, Mr. John Winston, Mr. Robert Donald, and Mr. John Chiswell.
1755–1758 Account. Stephen Pettus, Jr. Itemized.
14 July 1755–20 February Account. Col. Dudley Digges to Pouncey Anderson. For smith’s work (itemized).
September 1755–5 June 1756 Account. Capt. William Dabney [and Edward Ambler]. Itemized.
14 September–15 December 1755 Account. Col. Dudley Diggs. Itemized.
13 December 1755 Document. Pouncey Anderson and Christopher Bennyman re weighing a stray hog at Col. Dudley Diggs’ plantation at William Dabney’s request.
March 1758 Receipt. Buchanan & McDouall to Col. Dudley Diggs. For salt, cloth, and tacks.
20 June 1758–8 October Account. Louisa Co. Capt. William Dabney to Joseph Holt. For shoes—women’s, men’s, children’s, and Negroes’ (itemized).
October 1758 Account. Capt. William Dabney to William Farthing. Itemized. For making “Negroe shoes.”
1760–1761 Account. Capt. William Dabney re medical supplies and treatment. Includes midwives’ fees for Bridget and Ann.
19 May 1760–1 December Account. Capt. William Dabney for Col. Diggs. Itemized.
1761–1762 Accounts. [?] to Richard Anderson, Christo. Wood, Mr. Ambler, Thomas Swiss, and John Robinson, Esq. Itemized.
1 January 1762 Letter. William Lane to Capt. William Dabney of Hanover. Request to pay George Pettus 14s current money. Figuring of accounts to James Turner, Mr. Morris, and P. Timberlake on verso.
January 1764–August Account. Mrs. Sarah Winston to William Pollard. Itemized. Court costs. Verso: Col. Dabney to pay.
16 May 1868 Letter. ______, Richmond, to Charles W. Dabney offering services as a commission merchant; quotes prices for tobacco, corn, oats, rye, and wheat.