Documents of Freedom


Patrick Henry's Resolutions

Stamp Act Resolutions formulated by Patrick Henry

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Nov 24 1774

Yorktown Teaparty *

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May 15 1776

Virginia Proposes Independence

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June 12 1776

Virginia Declaration of Rights

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June 11-28 1776

Jefferson's Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence (transcript)

July 5 1776 Philadelphia

Dunlap Broadsides

In the late afternoon of July 4, 1776, a copy of the document was taken to the nearby print shop of John Dunlap, the official printer for Congress.

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July 5 1776 Williamsburg

Establishment of Virginia Government described in Virginia Gazette *

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July 19 1776

Declaration of Independence, first mention and excerpts *

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July 26 1776

Declaration of Independence (complete text) *

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May 29 1787

Virginia Plan

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June 15 1787

New Jersey Plan

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September 17 1787

Constitution of the United States

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Bill of Rights

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Declaration of Independence, William Stone facsimile

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* Articles from The Virginia Gazette-the newspaper of colonial and revolutionary Virginia

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