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Current Projects and Tours

Slate site dig.
An archaeologist excavates the Slate Tenement site.

Where to Find Archaeology When You Visit

Wren site aerial photo.
Archaeologists excavate the Wren Yard site.

Excavation is most visible in the Historic Area during the summer months, but you may spot archaeologists at work at any season of the year. You are always welcome to watch and to ask questions!

Current Work

Colonial Williamsburg's archaeologists spent the end of 2015 excavating a portion of the "Slate tenement," a small rented shop in which tailor James Slate made uniforms for the Continental Army at the end of 1770s. Next door, the Rowsay brothers operated a jewelry store.

Though vacant space today, these lots between the Charlton House and Wetherburn's Tavern were once tightly packed with buildings and activity. The current archaeological work is focused on better understanding—and eventually restoring—this busy and crowded 18th-century streetscape.

At the end of May, 2016, the joint Colonial Williamsburg/College of William & Mary archaeological field school will resume excavation on the Slate tenement site. Interpreting our work is part of the students' experience. Please visit to learn about what we are finding. And watch for updates on our Facebook Page.

Recently Completed Work

Recent visitors to the Historic Area may be interested to check the status of our recent excavations:

Visitor Programs

DIG! Kids, Dirt & Discovery - Kids can grab a bucket and a trowel as they help excavate a real archaeological site.

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