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Buildings in the Historic Area

Williamsburg's Architectural Fabric

Architectural historians are constantly re-assessing the resources here in Williamsburg. Below is a small sample of the many structures we have investigated.

  • Bracken Tenement - This one-story dwelling is typical of the residences built by prosperous merchants, craftsmen, and public officials in Williamsburg.
  • Dr. Barraud House - William Carter, an apothecary, or blacksmith James Anderson likely erected this building as rental property in the 1760s or 1770s.
  • St. George Tucker House - With its elongated plan, varying roofline, and many gables, this is one of the most complex and picturesque buildings in town.
  • Saunders House - Masked by layers of whitewash and modern shingle siding, this house has been a long-neglected part of Williamsburg's heritage.
  • Timson House - Standing on the corner of Prince George and Nassau Streets, the Timson House is one of Williamsburg's earliest structures.

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