RevQuest: The Old Enemy

What is RevQuest: The Old Enemy™?

RevQuest: The Old Enemy is an immersive game created by The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Start your quest here online. Once you complete your online mission, you will then be ready to visit Colonial Williamsburg’s Revolutionary City, where your quest will continue in the streets of the historic area (included with admission). If you are successful in your quest, you just might change the course of history!

Is the online mission required?

If you complete your online mission, you will learn of a location in Colonial Williamsburg’s Revolutionary City where you can pick up a special reward! The online mission is not required to play onsite, but you will have more fun and be a step ahead of other questors by doing it.

How can I learn more?

Watch the trailer video on YouTube, prepare for your mission, or begin planning your visit. You can also send us an email if you have comments or questions about the website.

Website credits

Game characters are represented by 18th-century portraits from the public domain. While all game characters represent real historical individuals, the portraits used are not their own. View source list…
Sound effects have been modified from the original sources. View source list…