October 12th Update

Here's a list of work both recent and soon-to-occur at the Coffeehouse. We’ve tried to include more photos this time, to better showcase the recent construction.

Last two weeks of work

  • Continued painting throughout on first and second floors
  • Continued installing doors and hardware
  • Completed final site grading, sod, seed and straw
  • Installed gravel paths from Revolutionary City path to cellar doors
  • Installed the remainder of double hung windows and shutters
  • Installed custom stainless steel servery equipment
  • Installed ceiling tiles in servery
  • Installed lighting fixtures
  • Closed in dumbwaiter shaft at bar
  • Installed plumbing fixtures in servery and restroom
  • Installed east fence posts and rails
  • Removed and reset pavers in main sidewalk in front of building
  • Excavated and poured concrete footers for the sign post, post light and two stone steps
  • Installed pavers for front walk and two stone steps
  • Installed dampers in kitchen fireplace
  • Put plumbing systems into operation
  • Completed conventional smoke detection system in cellar and security system

Next two weeks of scheduled work

  • Complete hanging doors and installing hardware
  • Complete interior painting
  • Install five leaded glass casement windows in cellar
  • Whitewash porch ceiling
  • Complete paving at front porch and repairs to main sidewalk
  • Startup HVAC systems
  • Close-in dumbwaiter shaft in cellar
  • Complete east yard fence and apply “red tar” finish
  • Install sign post
  • Install audio system
  • Cleanup interior
  • Install landscape plantings
  • Complete fabrication of three benches for front porch
  • Fabricate dresser (offsite) for kitchen

Photos by Joshua Muse


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Rick Brouse's Gravatar

Greeting all (former) bloggers,
My appologies, as I have not "blogged" for quite some time. How is everyone? What agreat article! Lots of information I did not know. These are exciting times for D. of G. street. What a wonderful addition, both visually and historically. I am anxious to see the final rendition....which, unfortunately will have to wait until spring.
Rick Brouse

Posted By Rick Brouse | 10/13/09 2:02 PM
John Montague's Gravatar

I've missed responding to the blog, but have been thoroughly enjoying the blog updates. Joshua, the photos and info are really appreciated and the Daily Press article was well written, I thought. Really like the way the project is coming together.

Posted By John Montague | 10/13/09 11:19 PM