October 26th Update

Here's a list of work both recent and soon-to-occur at the Coffeehouse. This time, we’ve posted even more photos, including a few from earlier in October.

Last two weeks of work

  • Completed hanging doors
  • Continued installing hardware
  • Installed stone steps at porch and cellar kitchen door
  • Continued interior painting
  • Installed two additional shelves in west passage
  • Installed five leaded glass casement windows and four interior shutters in cellar
  • Repaired plaster and then whitewashed porch ceiling
  • Hand scraped floors
  • Completed paving at front porch and repairs to main sidewalk
  • Installed stainless steel shelving in servery
  • Installed dishwasher in servery
  • Closed-in dumbwaiter shaft in cellar
  • Completed fabrication and installed three benches for front porch
  • Fabricated dresser (offsite) for kitchen and installed

Next two weeks of scheduled work

  • Install handrails at front step and ADA ramp
  • Install handrails at interior stair winders
  • Complete hand scraping floors and stair treads
  • Repair plaster and re-whitewash where additional shelves installed at west passage
  • Complete installation of all door locks and hardware
  • Install grab bars and mirror in restroom
  • Complete painting and touchup interior and exterior
  • Install sign post
  • Install audio system and put into operation
  • Fabricate and install pales and gate on east yard fence and apply finish
  • Install post light
  • Install telephones
  • Install carpet and wall paper
  • Begin installing furnishings
  • Replace glass in lanterns with blown glass
  • Remove portion of gravel and install crushed shells on path to cellar doors
  • Remove post and rail fence along west side of path and relocate portions as directed
  • Repair path to Revolutionary City seating area

Photos by Clyde Kestner and Joshua Muse


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John Montague's Gravatar

Another informative post. I am intrigued by the brick "staining". I see how it affects the color; I am curious about the chemical used. Has CW used this technique before?

Posted By John Montague | 10/27/09 1:44 AM
Patrick's Gravatar

I am a 3d illustrator who specializes in renderings of historical architecture. I just wanted to say I love the coffee house project I have not yet visited in person ( I hope to do so soon). I think the finished product is fantastic. Everybody who was involved should be proud. A great addition to Williamsburg!!


Posted By Patrick | 10/27/09 6:30 PM
Joshua Muse's Gravatar


I wanted to let you know that I'll be including a bit more explanation on the brick staining in a post in the next day or two.

Thanks for your question!

Posted By Joshua Muse | 10/29/09 11:04 AM
Joshua Muse's Gravatar


Thanks for your message, we're glad that you're enjoying the project.

I took a look at your website - you've got a lot of very cool stuff there. We're currently involved in a 3D project called Virtual Williamsburg that you might find of interest. The web address is http://research.history.org/DHC/VW.cfm - though the page is unfortunately out of date at the moment (we'll be rectifying that in the near future).

Thanks again for your interest...

Posted By Joshua Muse | 10/29/09 11:05 AM
Patrick's Gravatar


Thank you for the comments and thank you for the link.



Posted By Patrick | 10/29/09 2:31 PM
Rick Brouse's Gravatar

SO.....Now that this wondeful CCH project is coming to a close, what do we have to look forward to in the near (or distant) future as far as new projects? Anything "on the boards"? Or has the economy put the brakes on things for the time being? Or....can you not divulge? Will the CCH web cam stay in place so I can "VISIT" each day - "from the comfort of my computer screen"!?

Posted By Rick Brouse | 10/30/09 2:03 PM
S Shelves's Gravatar

Wow the place looks like it came together nicely. Well Done!

Posted By S Shelves | 12/14/09 6:01 AM