1705 June the 18th & 19th

Inventory & Appraismt: of the Estate of Mr. Thos: Collier Leatly Deceased of York County

In the New house Chamber
Imprs. A new feather bed & boulster a pr. of brow Sheetes a quilt tester and bedcloaths bed Stid and bed Cord£7.-.-
a cat Taile bed and Boulster three pillows one rug all old£2.-.-
Two old quilts and two old ruggs£1.10.-
Nine new rushia Leather chairs one ordinary table£4.-.-
Sixteen patty pans one earthen butter pot£-.10.-
In the Room below Stairs
One new feather bed and boulster one pr. of new holland Shets two new blanketts one new rugg Curtains and Vallins tester and bed Cloaths bed Stid and bed Cord£10.-.-
one Jest of Drawers a dressing Box & Dressing baskett£2.-.-
Six new Rushia Leather chairs3.-.-
A Table one Leather trunk & a pr. of Trussells1.3.-
Three Ells of Garlick holland att 3s6d P ell and three yds of Muslin 5s P y1.8.-
A Bell metall pesell and Morter a Small hare Strainer and a Small remnant of Silk ferritt-.9.6
one pair of large hand irons and a pr. of fire Tonges1.14.-
Two pair of new holland sheets one pair of course Ditto & one pair of old canvas ones£3.06.-
One old Diaper table Cloath a Doz of Napkins ditto twelve Towells eight pillowbes with a Prell of old Table Lining1.11.-
A earthen Syllabub pot & glas mustard pott a Smll. handbrush a scrubing brush a hare brom Two earthen Chamber potts a prell of Cooper old Tools a Small earthen Mug three old Swords & a block head-.16.6
five brass candlesticks, three Iron Ditto-.13.-
In the old house Hall
1 Safe and Stand£-.12.-
One Gun a pair of Pistolls and holsters1.-.-
a Large Table and Four[illegible] on chest & old wooden chair1.10.-
A chest of drawers a Spice box a large Looking glass & a warming pan3.-.-
One tin Sugar Box a Candle box Ditto a taylors goose a box Iron & Stand & 2 heaters-.8.6
A Small feather bed & boulster & pillow & blanket Bed Stead & bed cord4.10.-
[illegible]featherbed boulster & Pillow Blankit Quilt Curtains vallins & 1 old Cott Tester bedsted old Cord & Matt8.10.-
Three old chares a Smll. prll. of Earthen ware and hour glass & a brass pockett compass-.10.-
One pair of Large Handirons and a pr. of tongues1.14.-
One pewter Still poker and Shovell2.-.-
Seven yeds ¾ of new Cambrick att 4s. P yd1.11.[illegible]
Seven Ells of Dowlas att 2s6 P ell-.17.6
Remants of new Linen Stufe Serges [illegible] Dimmity a Prell of yarn & Cambrick a Prell of thred a pr. of Shers & some bobbins1.4.6
A Box of reafers & nine Sheepshead hoocks-.1.6
One Silver Tooth and ear pichor wth. a Seale-.15.-
A childs mantle-.16.-
In the Midle room in the old house
One old feather bed and boulster a blankett curtains & vallance bed Stid & bed Cord and a Cow hide5.15.-
Six ells of Sheeting Linen and a Remant of Ozonbridge-.16.-
One Cloaths press an old Search a broom a tobacco sifter a Cloath brush & an old grater-.15.-
In the Celler
One greatt Mugg a Buter pott a gallon runlett a gross of glas Bottells a gallon of Sallott oyle two qutt. of honey a parcell of old Corks two old funnells2.13.-
one garden rake a butter tub & lid 3 Smll. old Boxes-.8.6
Two old rasours and hone a pair of Marking Irons an old punch two old files a Coowper Vise an old Sword two belts an awle a pr. of horses fleames a pr. of old Spitt bootes and sea Rest-.15.6
In the Kitching
Two and twenty plates att 1s3d. P plate1.7.6
forty seven lb. of good pewter att 14d P lb2.14.10
foreteen lb. of Bad ditto att 9-.10.6
one pewter bason and a copper Stew pan1.13.-
five Brass kettels a brass bason and porriage pott two brass Skillets and a Cooper bason8.19.8
one Bell metle porridge pott1.5.-
Two Iron porridge potts and pott hooks-.14.-
one pr. of very Large hand Irons and two Spitts3.1.-
one pr. of pott rakes and Iron Ladell two Iron Skimmers a flesh fork & frg. pan-.7.6
One spining wheele and reele two old Sifters a flower box five wooding Trenchers two rowling pins an Old Lanthorn a pestell and Morter fore case knives and case six forks two tin potts two pewter tankards one porringer ten Iron Scures£-.16.-
One fill harness one trace Ditto a Cooper Crownstock and Iron one Branding Iron-.10.-
Six old casks a parsell of lime and old Chest-.6.-
One Large pair of Stilliards one Small Ditto1.5.-
A parcell of old wooding ware a pr. of Bellows a littell hand baskett a frying pan an Iron pessell & a new England pale-.10.6
A mans old Coatt-.10.-
An Ivory comb and brush-.1.-
In the Milk house
Nine tin milk pans twelve pewter Spoons a Skimer and a tine kettell£1.-.-
fore Earthen milk pans foure butter potts-.14.-
In the old Store
A Prell of old Sider casks a barr: of Tar & Some more old Casks2.17.-
one Large good chest one old Ditto-.17.-
two tenant saws a chafin Disk & a hand Saw wrest-.5.6
A Large copper still and tub5.-.-
A cross cutt saw-.10.-
Nine cow hides1.7.-
foure Horses a mare and Colt19.10.-
Eleven Cows four three year old Stears five Yearlings five calves four 4 years olds two Six Year old Ditto & a bull47.15.-
Att the quarter
Nine cows one five year old two yearlings one two year old two Calfes and two Bulls26.15.-
one old bed boulster and pillow feather & flock mixt togeather a rugg 2 Blanketts and a Sheett all old1.10.-
foure Milk pans a water paile 2 porridge potts an old Sifter three wedges and a milk pale-.17.6
A negro Man Dick36.-.-
a negro Boye frank28.-.-
a negro Man Jeffery38.-.-
a negro Man Fusey30.-.-
Two negro women Kate and Jenny Each 30 lb60.-.-
Three negro Chilldren Sam nanny & Sarah23.-.-
for Physick and Books11.1.8
a negro man Will35.-.-
3 hhds of Tobaco

In persuance to an order of York Court dated the 9th of June 1705 we the Subscribers being first Sworn have appraised the above Estate
Phill: Moody
Robert Peters
Edward Fuller
Robt: Crawley

The testators clothes given to his brother.
Mary Collier Exx.

June the 24th: 1705
Then Presented in Court by Mrs Mary Collier Relict & Exectrix of sd Thomas Collier Deced & according to order is Recorded