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Dixon & Hunter's Virginia Gazette. (December 27, 1776)

Virginia Gazettes

Williamsburg Newspapers from 1736 to 1780

Digitized issues of the Virginia Gazette begin with William Parks' earliest known issue (September 10, 1736) and terminate with Clarkson & Davis' last issue printed in Williamsburg (December 9, 1780).

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About the Virginia Gazette

The Virginia Gazette was the official newspaper of Virginia, printed in Williamsburg from 1736 until 1780. When the capital of Virginia moved to Richmond in 1780, printers transferred their businesses to the new seat of government. Both Dixon & Nicolson and Clarkson & Davis resumed their papers in Richmond.

Newspapers in the Digital Library are based on microfilm assembled by the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture in 1950. As a result, issues in the Digital Library include only those that were known to be extant at that time. Other issues may exist but are not available here.

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Issues of the Virginia Gazette, 1736–1780, are also available through the Accessible Archives and America's Historical Newspapers. These databases are only accessible from Colonial Williamsburg Foundation computers.