November 16 1775, Letter from Alexander Spotswood to Edmund Pendleton
CWF Rockefeller Library Special Collections. SCMS1999.10


Mt. Pleasant Camp near Cotham Novr. 16 1775


Inclosed is a Copy of a Letter I received last2 O clock
this morningnight by express __ the original I sent Forwarded
to Colo . Woodford in order to hasten his March;
that we may as soon as possible, get down to
the Releif of our poor distrest Countrimen
in the Lower parts __ this small success of his
Lordships may probably tempt him to attack
us _ I wish to god it may _ tho for my own
part, I can assure you gentlemen _ I wou[l]d
rather burn the Towns of Norfolk, [Gosport],
& portsmouth, than hurt th a hair of his Lordsh=
ip's head __ as I am satisfied it wou[l]d be of
more [real] advantage to the Country __ the Towns
being a nest of Tories, who may in some mea=
sure injure us) [illegible] and his Lordship __ a Toll-
that never can

I am gentlemen with great Respect

Alex Spotwood

The great bridge [illegible][ferry]
davenport informs one is
certainly taken up ~


Edmund Pendleton Esqr
Presidt of the Committee

Majr Spotswood
16th Novr