MS46.02: William Blathwayt Papers
Richard Wharton Letter to Blathwayt dated September 22, 1681


Boston In New Engld Sepr : 22: 1681


I am honr d with yors of the 26th May, and have communicated
yor Intimations respecting the Narragansett Countrey to most of
Gentlemen Concerned, who Generally hope that the good Issue of yt
affaire will inable them acceptably to acknowledge their obliga
tions to yor selfe: The Comisrs of the United Collonyes have
ing Lately convened heer (chiefly to adjust ye Charge of the Indian
War) I have acquainted those of Conecticott with yor Comisera
tion and care to supply, despatch, and Returne their agent, and
with the Comission of Inquiry yw are pleased to make mention
of, who Informe me that their Collony have taken care in
Convenient tyme to wipe [off] the [scars] that Mr Harris may
have sett upon them

I Humbly thank yw for ye papers Inclosed in yor pacquett,
what was for Mr Mason from yor selfe, or Mr Mason Ran
dolph. I carefully conveyed to Majr Shapleigh Mr Masons agent,
since his Departure nothing worth notice hath occured in his
Province, or any other of the Collonyes, Onely in this the sence
of that great defect in duty and mistake of Interest in not sending
agents hath caused a Genll compunction, And begott a fearfull
expectation what the righteous judgmt of a provoked King may be,
But those that have dutyfully desired, and Laboured for com
plyance with his just Comands, and the opportune Improvemt
of his grace, Hope still to be the speciall objects thereof, and
that others by a Genll pardon may be laid under new obligations
to Loyalty, and induced to due obedience

Majr Cadworth a magistrate in New Plymo: Collony and one of the
late comissionr s for the union, a passenger now in this Ship will,
I p[re]sume wait upon yw with Intelligence of the p[re]sent state
& Disposition of the Collonyes, Sundry late attempts have been
made in ye Countrey By Negro and Indian Slaves to Destroy
their Masters houses and familyes by fire, two were this day
Executed heer and Exposed to the flames for those Crimes, Haveing
at above 100 miles distance burned those houses in the night
in which one p[er]son p[er]ished, and sundry were sorely scorched and hardly
Escaped. The like attempt was about three weeks since made in
p2 my house by an Indian Servt in such Mannr that if her
wickedness had not wonderfully been discovered, my whole family had
in probability perished. I desire to ascribe the discoverance to ye watch
full and gratious providence of God. Wee cannot burthen either
Jesuits or any humane enemy with any Instigations, The
power of Satan in thos Instruments, and their Inveterate Malignity
being all that wee p[er]ceive prompt them thereto, By Mr Randolph
who is dayly Expected I hope for full Informacón in ye Matters
yw were pleased to Hint, And shall answearably address my
selfe In ye Interim and always as occasion gives Leave
shall with great sincerity Indeavour to approve myselfe

Yor most humble faithfull &
obliged servt

Richd Wharton


22 Sept 81
From Mr Wharton
Recd ye 20 Nov

To the Honr ble William
Blathwayte Esqr Clerke to his
Matyes most Honr ble Privy Councill
Auditor and Surveyor Genll of
all the Plantacons in America
At the Plantacón Office
In Whitehall
pr sent

[per] Majr Cadworth - Q.D.C