Declaring Independence The Gunpowder Incident

The Gunpowder Incident

(April 20, 1775)

In this reenactment of the Gunpowder Incident, British marines make final preparations at the Governor's Palace to remove the gunpowder from the Magazine. Lord Dunmore, the Royal Governor, arranged for the gunpowder to be secretly moved to a ship in the James River. The governor "was surprised to hear the people were under arms on this occasion, and that he should not think it prudent to put powder into their hands in such a situation."

Virginians were outraged. Virginia militia under the command of Patrick Henry marched on Williamsburg.Violence was averted by Carter Braxton who successfully negotiated a compromise -- the powder would be paid for out of royal accounts managed by his father-in-law Richard Corbin, Deputy Collector of the Royal Revenue in Virginia.

Read the article from the Virginia Gazette.

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